Leading Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) provider in South Africa and Africa, TSA International (TSA) uses state-of-the-art and innovative technologies in its projects & solutions. Customers receive up-to-date information in real time with the ability to utilize the information optimizing delivery to all stakeholders.

TSA Provides the platform to acquire and communicate event data reliably and accurately in real-time reducing data inaccuracies, operational costs and theft of assets resulting in an increase in service level performance.

Social Responsibility
Enhancing and uplifting Education via:

  • Academics – Sponsorship of computers, library books, media resources,literary support Programmes and competitions.
  • Infrastructure – Refurbishment of school buildings and grounds.
  • School Nutritional Schemes – Provision of school lunches for impoverished learners.
  • Contributor to Traffic Education Campaigns.
  • Regular Sponsor of Child and Family Welfare Societies.
  • Regular sponsor of Religious and Cultural Organisations.
  • Provider of training to the physically challenged community.

Empowering of staff is done during formal training sessions both on-site and off. Outside expertise is called upon if deemed necessary.


To empower countries, corporations and municipalities with intelligent transport solutions through innovative quality products and services.

Fact File

Manufacturing Facilities :

  • 84 Columbine Place, Durban, KZN, South Africa.
  • 4th Floor Northside, Yin-Shan Estate Plant, Boan District, Shenzen, China
  • Staffing: In excess of 100.
  • Collective Experience: 150 years.
  • Ranked amongst the top 3 traffic management companies in Southern Africa.
  • Largest manufacturer and supplier of LED traffic lights in Africa.
  • Agents throughout South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Ethiopia, Malaysia and India.


In 1995, Durban-based entrepreneur Glen Pillay established Traffic Signals and Accessories (TSA), aiming to produce a reliable and cost-effective range of traffic signal lights. In so doing TSA began to delve into corporate development which was previously uncharted by a Black Empowerment Enterprise.
TSA has since evolved into a transport solutions company offering turnkey solutions in vehicle data collection, law enforcement, street lighting, and variable message signage with the focus being on environmental awareness.
TSA prides itself as being a company with a history rich in service, innovation and continuing growth.